Overcoming Barriers In The Gym, On The Court, In Our Lives!

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Why I'm Starting This Service

Participation in a sport can help people with ASD overcome barriers in motor planning, body awareness, sensory integration, social skills, and countless other essential life skills-- not to mention all of the health benefits and developmental effects that come with physical fitness. I am a life long autistic by birth, and a life long athlete by choice. I am also the founder of this new program, Autastic Athletics.

Autastic Athletics is an environment where people with ASD can learn together how to play a sport and achieve better life outcomes. This environment provides a you-teach-me-I-teach-you-relationship with a positive role model on the Spectrum, who has had a degree of success at their sport.

Right now, since it's just me, and I have yet to hire more staff on the Spectrum to teach their sport, I am only starting off with my sports of tennis, bowling and personal training. It is my desire to share my love and passion for for fitness and the game of tennis for people on the Spectrum in the Oakland County area, once the spring weather breaks. Tennis is a perfect sport for people on the Spectrum, because it is an individual sport, less bodies to navigate, and no physical contact between players.

I am a former varsity tennis player and bowler from Berkley high school, and I am on the Berkley Athletic Wall of Fame for being all-conference twice in tennis. I still compete to this day in local tournaments and bowl in a league.

Being involved in sports and fitness has helped me develop so many skills that have served me in Life, and made me become the best person I can be. It also provided me passion and purpose and love of Life, that I would not likely have found without it. I would not be married to my high school crush, and constantly striving to better myself, if it were not for my tennis. Autastic Athletics provides the perfect place for us to grow together through the experience of understanding of how we operate to learn the best skills in Life.

It is my goal that my passion for sports, fitness and my fellow autastic athletes, will help other people on the Spectrum achieve the best outcomes in Life! See more about the programs I am currently offering for you or your loved ones on The Services page.