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My name is Andrew Ackner. I am a professional speaker, fitness trainer, sports coach and competitive athlete on the Autism Spectrum. Since I was a young teen, I have been looking for the best way to help people on the Spectrum become the best that they can be, and pursue their passions in Life. I have been very fortunate to find success in Life through the hard work of countless people that were dedicated to bringing out the best in me, and I have been striving to find a way to give back and pay it forward. This is why I have started this business to fill a major need in the Autism Community that is currently not being adequately addressed. Physical Fitness and involvement in athletics is such a crucial piece for an autistic child growing into a strong, fulfilled, confident and healthy individual, and with qualified coaches who themselves are athletes with autism, I intend to make my mark on that.

Ever since I was young, sports and fitness have been amongst my biggest passions in Life. I have been bowling, and playing tennis since I was a small child, and those two sports have stuck with me even into my adulthood as I approach 30 and look to compete the rest of my life. I am on my high school's athletic wall of fame for tennis for being two time all conference and I still compete in tournaments to this day. Tennis has become my true calling in life, to train, to study, to learn, to practice, to set up my meals to be most conducive to my regimen to be a better player. On a good week I will spend 12 hours in the gym working on different skills related to my physical fitness on the court, and about the same amount on the court developing my technique and working on new shots.

I also am an avid bowler. I bowled alternate on my high school varsity team, while carrying a 195 average my senior year. After a ten year sabbatical from bowling, I joined a league with my wife, and came to find out I still have it and am carrying an average above 170, proving that people on the Spectrum can and will develop muscle memory if they work hard enough and with passion for their goals.

I live with my amazing wife Ashley whom I've been married with for more than two years. She is the best part of my Life. She teaches first grade and we lead an amazing life together. She teaches her kids, I teach my Autastic Athletics students, and then we're always teaching each other something. It's a very educational experience in the Ackner household.

Please feel free to view the About Autastic Athletics and Service pages to learn more about the Program and how to get you or your loved ones on the Spectrum involved in the Autastic Athletics movement!