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A Little About Me

First and foremost, I live in Waterford, MI with my amazing and loving wife, Ashley. I definitely recommend everybody on the Spectrum find someone like her to have in your life.  Marrying her is the greatest achievement I will ever make. We just celebrated our two year wedding anniversary August 3rd.

A little about myself: I am a proud member of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Community. Diagnosed at nine, I went through many trials and tribulations to become the man I am, today. In middle school, I was hospitalized and told by "professionals" I would never be successful or grow up to be a functional adult. I've failed in the past and I will fail again. But each time I fail, I become stronger and better. I was a public pariah when I was younger, but through dedication, hard work, and having the right people in my life, I grew up to become a leader. 

I ended up marrying my high school crush who found me annoying before, though to be fair she still does. I was the first person on the Autism Spectrum to win the Barbara Lipinski Indvidual Award from the Autism Society Of Michigan in 2008 for opening doors for people on the Spectrum. I also was the first person with Autism to serve on their board of directors from 2010-2012. In addition to Autastic Athletics, I currently work as the Membership Sales And Retention Manager at TITLE Boxing Club of Farmington Hills, as well as an ABA Technician Assistant at the Positive Behavior Supports Corporation.

I graduated high school from Berkley High School and was a three year varsity letter for tennis and was all-conference twice. I have always been an avid tennis player and to this day, I spend most of my spare time trying to become a better player and athlete in some way. Since my early teen years, I've been trying to find my best way to help people on the Spectrum be the best that they can be. Which is why I started this program. I have been sharing my passion for tennis with young athletes on the Spectrum for over 3 years and am currently studying to become a certified personal trainer through the American Council On Exercise Please read the About Autastic Athletics page for more information.