Overcoming Barriers In The Gym, On The Court, In Our Lives!

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Below are all of the specific services I am offering to the ASD Community! Testimonials will be up shortly!

Tennis or Bowling Lessons

The main service I am offering are tennis and bowling lessons from someone who understands the struggle of autism and motor planning difficulties. I live it. And I teach it. I know through my experience coaching and learning on how to make an engaging lesson for groups clinics and private lessons, tailor-made for each individual on the Spectrum. My lessons are fun and help build fundamental life skills. 

Autastic Conditioning

Maintaining the strength, health and wellness of the body is an important part of Life (especially for those of us with ASD.) I am almost done with my personal training certification and can help anybody on the Spectrum improve their physical well-being. I have been working out with weights since my early teens, and doing other forms of athletic conditioning and can pass that experience on to my clients to help improve their qualities of life.

Peer Mentor/Life Coach

Sometimes all we need in life is someone who gets it, someone who can offer a light at the end of tunnel who has already traveled down the road and come out better. I can help you work on your life goals as a life coach.